Create custom checklists based on roles, departments and locations within the hotel

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Stay on top of all your processes with intelligent checklists

At Ennovatech, we thrive on crafting solutions to help hoteliers do more with less. Optimize workflows, organize tasks and manage teams- all through one single tool. Be it room service delivery lists or cleaning checklists, our Checklist module coordinates everything in one place- no miscommunication, no paper lists.

Our range of features and benefits:

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    Role based checklists

    Need housekeeping or catering tasks done fast? Assign to-do checklists based on an individual user’s role with just one tap of the screen.

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    Location based checklists

    Assign custom checklists to nearby staff based on specific locations within the hotel, to ensure maximum efficiency and quick response times for any requests.

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    Shared checklists

    Work in tandem with colleagues to complete checklists, fill in form fields, upload files and add comments for review.

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    Flexible customization

    Have an urgent guest checking in? With Hotlync Checklist, you can create priority checklists for various departments and purposes- from urgent cleaning and maintenance duties to catering, room service or reception tasks.

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    Frequency scheduling

    Checklists can be scheduled to repeat for reoccurring tasks, ensuring that a uniform standard of service quality and organization is maintained for each new guest.

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    Real time notifications

    As a Shift Supervisor, you can keep track of all your staff by receiving push notifications whenever a checklist is completed or when a new list is scheduled to be completed.

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