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Prioritize, categorize and assign IT tickets from emails and phone calls

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Ticketing system that unlocks high-velocity teams

Hotlync IT Helpdesk empowers hotel teams with adaptable IT practices, an integrated platform, and streamlined ticket resolution systems. Prioritize, categorize and assign tickets automatically to manage IT support requests and issues efficiently across all hotel operations.

Powering efficient IT workflows

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    Automatically convert emails to tickets

    Any emails sent to configured email ids on the backend are automatically converted into tickets, saving you the time and effort of manually sorting your inbox requests.

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    Automated ticket assignment

    HotLync Helpdesk automates ticket assignment, giving users the freedom to reallocate the workload to other users and avoid workload bottlenecks, unattended requests, unresolved issues, and more.
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    Smart approvals

    After you sign off on an approval, our smart system does not process the request until the appropriate persons responsible for approving the request also authorize it.

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    Generate closing tickets

    After resolving an issue, tickets can be closed manually by users or admins, or they are automatically closed towards the end of their cycle.

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    Common web portal

    Any user can easily create a ticket through the universal portal on their PC browser or mobile, raise their concerns, sort ticket categories, or state the severity of their issue.

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