Automated scheduling of preventative maintenance, proactive inventory tracking and management, repair requests and work order tracking

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Keep your hotel running like a well-oiled engine

Ensure smooth functioning for your hotel with automated preventative maintenance scheduling, equipment and supply inventory management, repair request tracking and more! Integrating all engineering essentials within one platform, Hotlync Engineering is your proactive first responder for all your technical needs.

Explore our wide range of features:

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    Preventative maintenance

    Create and assign maintenance tasks, manage checklists, record equipment readings and collaborate with your maintenance team over our centralized portal.

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    Equipment management

    Get a complete overview of all equipment deployed by your hotel teams, including location and department-wise tagging, costs and lifecycle tracking, as well as tasks and inventory list management.

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    Parts and supplies management

    Set up automated tracking for stocks of individual inventory items and send smart alarm notifications to vendors when stocks are low or the item is no longer in stock.

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    Repair request tracking

    Easily send and track the status of your repair requests from our accessible universal portal, and view the records for previous maintenance completed.

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    Work order management

    Our Engineering module automates work order assignment based on repair requests and scheduled maintenance, and allows users to track costs of labor, inventory consumption and repairs, with agile mobile app integration for improved collaboration between departments.

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