Catalogue and track minibar items by room type to generate accurate billing invoices for guests.

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Automating minibar management with intelligent inventory processing

Minibars not only add to an incredible stay experience for your guests, but are also a major source of extra revenue, which can often be lost due to human error in inventory tallies. Don’t worry, Hotlync has you covered with the right tools for your needs

Save on labor time, reduce lost revenue and manage your minibar inventories efficiently with our automated inventory processing and billing through our smartphone app.

Our range of features and benefits:

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    Categorize items by room type

    Creating different categories for items according to room types on the inventory checklist allows housekeeping staff to easily identify any missing items.

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    IVR and App-based Minibar Posting

    Conveniently create minibar postings without the need for paper lists, with a single tap of a screen, or through IVR capabilities

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    Precise guest invoices

    Access and download invoices for all the minibar items consumed by guests to generate accurate billing costs

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