Enhanced housekeeping functions featuring real-time room statuses, daily task checklists, floor-based room assignments and smoother workflows

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Efficient housekeeping functions at your fingertips

Enrich your housekeeping team with increased connectivity and functionality made available at the touch of a screen. Create customized checklists and assign workloads based on room status, optimize labor and resources, and stay connected at all times through our smartphone hosted interface

Our range of features and benefits:

  • service-contain-one

    Intelligent room assignment

    Create custom work schedules and assign rooms based on employee shifts.

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    Auto inspections

    Trigger automated inspection requests to supervisors differentiated by room and guest type to ensure that service quality is being maintained at all levels.

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    Housekeeping checklists

    Never miss out on a single task again, with custom checklists assigned for each room. Our housekeeping tool ensures that postings cannot be completed without all checklist tasks marked “done”.

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    Dynamic workflows

    VIP guest urgently checking in? Hotlync’s smart automation works in sync with the front desk to trigger priority notifications and rush task lists to the top of the cleaning queue for specific guests and room types.

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    Staff monitoring

    Monitor which room is being cleaned in real time, as well as the time taken to complete routine cleaning and maintenance tasks to accurately rate staff performance

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    Mobile app connectivity

    No more endless missed calls and long email chains. Get real time room status postings and assign rooms to staff through a centralized mobile app dashboard.

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