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Easily track and document lost items and maximize return-to-owner rates.

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Reunite missing items with their owners faster

As a hotel owner or manager, you are no stranger to a number of items being left behind or lost by guests in rooms every day. Stay organized, track and document found items, and find relevant matches for reported lost items by guests- all in one place!

Our range of features and benefits:

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    Create item logs

    Document details of any items you and your staff find unclaimed on the property.

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    Organize by category

    Add different types of categories to sort and identify items by importance and value (eg- jewelry, documents, passports, wallets).

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    Upload images

    Capture and attach clear images for easy recognition by the guest.

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    Match relevant items and requests

    Our intuitive algorithm helps maximize your return-to-owner rate and overall guest satisfaction, by showing the most relevant items found for lost items reported by guests.

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