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Automate guest request handling and facilitate flexible staff allocation

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Taking the guesswork out of guest service

Empower your front desk and concierge staff to deliver exceptional guest experiences, with fast, personalized service and automated guest request handling capabilities via mobile app, email and SMS integration.

Explore the latest revolution in guest service delivery:

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    Bulk alarms for response teams

    Large parties or VIPs checking in? Send bulk notifications to response teams for emergency housekeeping, cleaning, room service, catering and concierge tasks on multiple communication channels.

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    Comprehensive staff interface

    View complete statistics on the number of tasks created, current task status, as well as hourly stats for peak traffic hours for specific locations and departments.

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    Dynamic job role allocation

    Hotel staff can enjoy a high degree of flexibility in allocation by selecting job roles based on their daily activity

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    Auto wake up calls

    Wake up your guests on request with Hotlync Guest Services, with a call recording feature to cross reference if the guest picked up the call or not.

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    Guest request management

    Track and automate all guest request cycles seamlessly with Hotlync’s Department Request, Managed Task, Scheduled Task, Repeat Task, Multiple Escalation, Quick Task & Automatic Selection tools.

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    User-friendly mobile app interface

    Responsive mobile app that allows for easy access and quick resolution of any incidents that require staff attention.

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